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Managing bare metal and beyond

Your IT infrastructure may be housed in a single data center or distributed across several, operated internally or by a service provider.

Whatever the configuration, your infrastructure needs to be continually optimized and managed for it to deliver real business value. Lack the technical expertise to maximize the ROI for your IT infrastructure? Leverage ours.

Networking and Data Centers

A global footprint for global solutions

Feel confident hosting your business-critical applications in data centers with 100% availability guaranteed. We partner with Tier 1 backbone providers to create a highly resilient environment of enterprise-grade infrastructure managed by networking and data center specialists.

To maximize performance and minimize latency, we proactively monitor network performance and automatically route users to the fastest connection possible. So, whether you already operate a global business or aspire to, we’ve got you covered. With offices and data centers located around the world — and 24x7x365 support — you’ll find us wherever you need us, whenever you need us.

Types of Managed Infrastructure

We offer the following managed infrastructure options, so you can choose the one that meets your IT

Bare Metal

A single dedicated server with a specific function, like a web server or database server. Storage, networking and database options can be customized.


A single shared server that allows multiple users of the OS to each control their own network resources within the shared environment.

Private Cloud

Compute resources are shared within an organization, so you can offer a multi-tenant environment for your own (internal or external) customers.

Product Portfolio

Choose from our extensive portfolio of customizable bare metal offerings to maintain control of your IT environment without getting bogged down by managing day-to-day operations.


Bare metal deployed on demand with the option to customize across the compute, storage and networking to build a custom-tailored environment for your unique needs.

Custom Dedicated Servers

Certified IT architects design a custom configuration to support your essential workloads. They'll optimize the infrastructure, so you get the most out of your applications.

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Private Clouds

Experience the greater levels of control and security provided by a dedicated single-tenant environment, along with the agility and scalability of the public cloud.

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Let our certified DBAs take the complexity out of database management. They’ll provide the deep expertise you need to manage MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and optimize their performance, including architecture guidance, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Select a product to learn more, or read more about all of our database products.


Our MySQL DBAs will expertly manage and monitor your databases to keep them up and running for end user and application access.

Microsoft SQL

Offload the day-to-day responsibilities of ensuring your applications and databases remain available and perform reliably to our Microsoft-certified DB specialists.


From emergency troubleshooting to planning for scaling and disaster recovery, our certified Oracle® DBAs will keep your databases running at peak performance.


Leverage our network security expertise to build a secure network infrastructure based on these essential components. Add 24x7x365 traffic monitoring, threat detection and DDoS mitigation services to help keep your business secure and online.

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We’ll secure your network with firewalls from Cisco or Juniper Networks, dedicated to your environment and monitored 24x7x365 by certified engineers.

Load Balancers

We’ll help ensure the speed, high availability and security of your applications with dedicated load balancers from F5 and Brocade.

Custom Switches

We can deliver a customizable, high-speed 10GbE network that features Cisco and Arista switches and is designed for easy scaling to the cloud.

SSL Certs

Help reassure visitors to your site that their data will be encrypted and transmitted securely with SSL certificates from Symantec.

Storage Products and Services

The amount of data you have to manage is growing daily. You need a storage partner you can rely on as your needs evolve. We offer highly available, scalable and customizable managed solutions for your complex storage needs.

Select a product to learn more, or read more about all of our storage products.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

SAN solutions offer reliable performance with the flexibility to scale. Choose from a variety of storage models, including block and file-level access.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS solutions provide enterprise-grade capabilities designed to support demanding workloads involving rich media, file sharing and virtualization.

Managed Backup

Lost files and system failures can impede progress. Safeguard your business with a cost-effective solution capable of rapidly recovering business-critical data.


If your best-fit solution requires a combination of dedicated and cloud environments, we can scale your managed infrastructure to the cloud of your choice including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.

Select a product to learn more or read more about all of our connectivity products.


Combine the reliable performance of bare metal servers with the scalability of the cloud to realize the power of a hybrid cloud.

P2PConnect Global

Distribute infrastructure across multiple environments and securely connect your custom network to the cloud of your choice using a private network.


Server virtualization combines the performance and security of a dedicated single-tenant environment with the cost-efficiency of a cloud-like infrastructure deployment model. Use it to help ensure maximum availability and performance of your business applications and services.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Cost-effective virtualization, along with built-in backups and geographical redundancy, supported by Microsoft® Hyper-V® expertise and industry-leading SLAs.

Powered by VMware

Let our VMware specialists fully manage your vSphere environment, including the guest OS, VMware software stack and underlying hardware, 24x7x365.

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