Connect to Multiple Clouds Using P2PConnect

With apps and data spanning multiple clouds and data centers, it’s no small feat to securely connect disparate environments and drive network efficiencies. That's why we offer P2PConnect.

Securely connect your P2PSystem dedicated hosting environment to other data center locations and the private and public clouds of your choice, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware and Google Cloud Platform. For the ultimate in multi-cloud flexibility, let us help build your hybrid cloud environment. We’ll back it 24x7x365 with Fanatical Support.

Why P2PConnect?

Best-fit solutions

Run workloads where they perform best. Combine dedicated servers, private clouds and public clouds to create your ideal environment.

Multi-cloud scalability

Build an agile multi-cloud network of your preferred clouds. We’ll connect them, so you can focus on using them to scale your business.

Secure connectivity

Protect your cloud with our dedicated single-tenant security solutions. Securely connect your environments using an encrypted VPN tunnel or by completely bypassing the internet.

Maximize efficiencies

Size your dedicated environment based on your average capacity requirements, and use a pay-as-you-go cloud to handle peak traffic needs.

Connectivity Options


Connect your P2PSystem dedicated hosting and private cloud environments to the P2PSystem public cloud.

P2PConnect Global

Securely connect your P2PSystem dedicated environment to your on-premises data center or your public cloud of choice — whether it’s Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform.

"We're excited to partner with P2PSystem in the CERN openlab framework, as we look for ways to accelerate our innovation on top of an OpenStack-based hybrid cloud."

Tim Bell


Connectivity Providers

Connect your other data center locations or cloud providers to P2PSystem through a P2PConnect Global-enabled Equinix or Megaport location in North America or Europe.

Cloud Compatibility

P2PConnect Global works with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Amazon Web Services Direct Connect, the Equinix Cloud Exchange and the Megaport Ecosystem.

Cloud Bursting

Add P2PSystem cloud servers and scale compute resources on demand by enabling P2PConnect on your dedicated load balancer or firewall.

Secure Connections

Use P2PConnect Global to securely transfer data between P2PSystem data center via a dedicated circuit that bypasses the internet.

High-speed Connectivity

P2PConnect Global offers a variety of reliable, low-latency connection speeds — from 100Mbps to 10Gbps — at a fixed monthly price.

Uptime & Support

P2PConnect Global includes our 24x7x365 Fanatical Support and a 99.9% connectivity uptime guarantee*.

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