Server Virtualization, Hosted and Managed by Certified Experts

Use server virtualization to cut hardware costs and accelerate deployment. Server virtualization divides a physical server into multiple virtual machines (VMs) by separating the compute environment from the hardware layer.

Because each VM can run its own operating system and applications, virtualization reduces the need for additional server infrastructure and provides a cost-effective way to deliver different types of services.

Our private clouds use server virtualization to host your servers and data.

Virtualization Helps Your Business

Reduce Costs

Increase your operational efficiency by reducing your need for physical infrastructure

Deploy Quickly

Avoid potentially costly delays with a speedy, cloud-like infrastructure deployment model

Reduce Risk

Protect critical data by hosting applications within a managed dedicated environment

Improve Uptime

Includes backup, recovery and uptime guarantees, backed by our industry-leading SLAs

Use Cases

Choose server virtualization when efficiency, security and performance are critical.

  •  Easily spin up VMs in minutes
  •  Consolidate servers and DCs for cost savings
  •  Address compliance requirements
  •  Agile Test/Dev enironments
  •  Guaranteed uptime and SLAs
  •  Replicate systems using software
  •  Disaster recovery for critical apps
  •  Physically isolated network
  •  Built-in backup and recovery

Platforms We Support

VMware vSphere Microsoft Hyper-V
Why P2PSYSTEM? VMware vSphere features such as HA, vMotion and DRS work together to support your applications performance. Microsoft Hyper-V offers the efficiency of virtualization along with built-in backups and geographical redundancy.
About Platforms
  • Powered by dedicated hardware
  • Run multiple virtual machines per physical host
  • Create, customize, clone and provision VMs via an easy-to-use web control panel
  • Backed by 150+ VMware-certified professionals and 15+ years of managed hosting experience
  • Included with Windows, so no fee for unsupported VMs
  • Flexible options for managed VMs
  • Support workload continuity and quick recovery
  • Automated end-to-end deployment
  • Backed by 2000+ Microsoft technical certifications and 15+ year of hosting experience
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Why Choose P2PSYSTEM for Server Virtualization?

Virtualization Expertise

Rely on our deep bench of certified professionals and 15+ years of managed hosting experience to ensure the availability, performance and security of your applications. Empower your resources to focus on activities that drive results.

Compliance Assistance

Our world-class data centers are PCI DSS and HITRUST certified to help you maintain HIPAA compliance and deliver secure, reliable service to your customers. We also offer compliance assistance to address your regulatory requirements.

24x7x365 Support

Trust the management of your mission-critical applications to a team of virtualization experts who stay up-to-date on the latest technology upgrades and patches. We'll provide Fanatical Support whenever you need it - 24x7x365.

Easy Path to the Cloud

If the evolution of your business calls for a private, public or hybrid cloud configuration in the future, we've got you covered. We'll help you choose a best-fit solution from Microsoft, VMware, AWS, Google or OpenStack.

"By going to a Managed Service model with P2PSYSTEM, I just worry about the workloads and applications to support our mission and our members - mission. I could run what I need today, knowing that I can rapidly scale up or scale down to fit our needs, and serve up workloads. Now I just have an operational cost as opposed to a capital expense outlay."

Steven Carlberg

Managing Director of Infrastructure and Security, Feeding America

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Callidus Cloud leverages P2PSYSTEM Private Cloud to accelerate delivery, control costs, improve security and resolve acquisition-related technical challenges

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